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Black Salt: The Comic and The Film

Black Salt is the name of a character, comic book and the short live action film based on that comic. Both are available now. The name of the creator is Owen Ratliff. The film is directed by Ben Ramsey and… Continue Reading →

Usain Bolt – A Real Superhero Gets Animated

Usain Bolt may not be the Flash but he is likely the fastest man in the world. Born in Jamaica, this multiple gold medal winner has overcome many obstacles and set new world records. He is a real live Black Superhero and an… Continue Reading →

Oya – Rise of the Orishas Film

We are always looking for Black Superhero content from the motherland. With much anticipation we have been following word of this project and more than a little time has passed. It had appeared that crowd funding attempts had failed but… Continue Reading →

Meteor Man

Meteor Man is a character created and played by Robert Townsend in the 1993 superhero comedy film “The Meteor Man“. The character has the not so secret identity of mild mannered Jefferson Reed, named after one of Townsend’s real life… Continue Reading →

The Last Dragon

One of my favorite movies of the 80’s was Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon. This movie chronicled the rise of Bruce Leroy as he overcame his evil nemesis Sho’nuff (The Shogun of Harlem) and became a master. By today’s standards it’s… Continue Reading →

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