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Mitchill City…A New Wave of Heroes

Mitchill City…A New Wave of Heroes is an ambitious webseries created by Asa Davis that takes place in a fictional city filled with crime, police brutality, and people of color. Add to that the emergence of special abilities and you… Continue Reading →

Black Salt: The Comic and The Film

Black Salt is the name of a character, comic book and the short live action film based on that comic. Both are available now. The name of the creator is Owen Ratliff. The film is directed by Ben Ramsey and… Continue Reading →


Get the first book from the INTERFACE comic series for free. It’s by Ben Ramsey and the pdf download is available right now. There appears to be an accompanying TV series coming out soon as well. Right now all I have is… Continue Reading →

Urbance has begun

I’d been waiting for Urbance to show up on the web for years now. The trailer I saw way back when was inciting both visually and sonically. Now the first episode is out and it definitely delivered. It was not what… Continue Reading →

Oya – Rise of the Orishas Film

We are always looking for Black Superhero content from the motherland. With much anticipation we have been following word of this project and more than a little time has passed. It had appeared that crowd funding attempts had failed but… Continue Reading →

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