Dedicated to Black Superheroes and the People Who Bring Them To You

Poignant Panels: Falcon

Avengers Vol 1 #183 May, 1979

Mitchill City…A New Wave of Heroes

Mitchill City…A New Wave of Heroes is an ambitious webseries created by Asa Davis that takes place in a fictional city filled with crime, police brutality, and people of color. Add to that the emergence of special abilities and you… Continue Reading →

Black Superheroes on TV Every Week

DC has been killing it on the TV front lately. The shows on the CW Network aren’t Marvel Netflix level but they’re pretty good for weekly TV. I’ve noticed something over the last couple of years that I want to give… Continue Reading →

An Avenger for Every State

Marvel has announced future covers that will depict an Avenger for Each State. They will also include Puerto Rico and Canada. Here are some of the ones already announced. I wonder who will be the Avengers for Georgia and Alabama?… Continue Reading →

Black Salt: The Comic and The Film

Black Salt is the name of a character, comic book and the short live action film based on that comic. Both are available now. The name of the creator is Owen Ratliff. The film is directed by Ben Ramsey and… Continue Reading →

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