Lion Man

Lion Man only appeared in the single published issue of All-Negro Comics #1 (1947). Lion Man was co created by journalist Orrin Evans, his brother George J. Evans, and John Terrell. “American-born, college educated, Lion Man is a young scientist, sent by the United Nations to watch over the fearsome ‘Magic Mountain’ of the African Gold Coast. Within its crater lies the world’s largest deposit of Uranium enough to make an atom bomb that could destroy the world. Lion Man’s job is to report on the doings of any treacherous nation that might seek to carry away any of the lethal stuff for the purpose of war.

Lion Man is portrayed as a Tarzan-type character and even has a mischievous sidekick named Bubba. This character has not been published anywhere else and has since passed into the public domain. Maybe it’s time for someone else to continue his story.

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