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Black Superheroes On The Web – February 2016

MARVEL’S “SOLARMAN” GETS REBOOT FROM SCOUT COMICS 100 Black Supervillains! University of Alabama students create their own comic book company Black superheroes saved a real life: Mine. Roundtable: The Importance of Black Superheroes Kwanza Osajyefo shares how Dwayne McDuffie inspired… Continue Reading →

Poignant Panels – Nighthawk

Apparently Pennyworth has been using Nighthawk’s fortune to fund the Sons of the Serpent. Defenders Vol 1 #25 – July, 1975

Black Superheroes On The Web – January 2016

Black Superhero Activity on the Web: Every Black Kid Knew That Panthro Was A Black Man Pass The Popcorn: Okayplayer Predicts The Cast Of Marvel’s “The Black Panther” Super-Team Family: Powerman and Shaft THE NEW MARVEL UNIVERSE. BORN OUT OF… Continue Reading →

Meteor Man

Meteor Man is a character created and played by Robert Townsend in the 1993 superhero comedy film “The Meteor Man“. The character has the not so secret identity of mild mannered Jefferson Reed, named after one of Townsend’s real life… Continue Reading →

Black Superheroes On The Web – October 2015

Black Superhero Activity on the Web: Ta-Nehisi Coates to Write Black Panther Comic for Marvel Why Do All the Superheroes Have to Be White, and All the Thugs Black? How an Afrofuturist Black Panther could shake up the Marvel Universe… Continue Reading →

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