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Black Goliath Cover Theory

With Lawrence Fishburne playing the role of Bill Foster in the Ant-Man and the Wasp movie I wonder if we’ll ever get to see the character on screen. When I was first introduced to Black Goliath, his run had come… Continue Reading →

Poignant Panels: Falcon

Avengers Vol 1 #183 May, 1979

An Avenger for Every State

Marvel has announced future covers that will depict an Avenger for Each State. They will also include Puerto Rico and Canada. Here are some of the ones already announced. I wonder who will be the Avengers for Georgia and Alabama?… Continue Reading →

Black Superheroes On The Web – March 2016

Black Superhero Activity on the Web: Top 25 Black Comic Book Artists #10-1 The Return of the Black Panther The Politics of Marvel’s Black Panther “X7 Origins,” First-Ever Black LGBTQ Superhero Celebrate Women’s History Month With These Black Female… Continue Reading →

Monet St. Croix – The Black Mutant Supergirl

Monet Yvette Clarisse Maria Therese St. Croix or “M” as she is often called is a super powered mutant in the Marvel Comics universe has so many powers and such potential that her sheer arrogance is almost forgivable. She has… Continue Reading →

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