A New Stealth

I’m always on the lookout for an original Black superhero, one that isn’t a knockoff or re-imagined version of a previously published White superhero. The name is familiar but this is definitely not a character I have run across before. It’s difficult to talk about it and not spoil the surprise twist of the first issue but I will try. Thankfully the first issue is available to read for free online.

Stealth appears to be a street level hero that is a regular guy in a mechanical suit. It’s definitely not iron man level but neither are his villains. The setting appears to be the city of Detroit and the titular hero Stealth has been around for years and appears to be rather violent with little regard for permanent personal damage towards the criminals he fights. It’s not quite Punisher-level vengeance but nearly so. The story starts with a young Black male reporter who lives with and looks after his father who suffers from alzheimers and through the issue you cut to scenes showing Stealth in near lethal action.

This is a Skybound/Image book, a 6 issue miniseries, and as such is perfectly set up for a movie or live action series. In fact there was already something in the works to be directed by Lee Daniels prior to the first issue hitting the stands. Here is the promo info: “Stealth has lived long enough to be both hero and villain in Detroit. With the entire city on the verge of destroying itself, Stealth must take his legacy into his own hands. Created by ROBERT KIRKMAN and MARC SILVESTRI, STEALTH is an action-packed series, perfect for readers who enjoy Black Panther and Iron Man.

One thing I have noticed is that the story doesn’t have to be about Black people and could have easily been told with the main characters being White but they are not and seeing them this way does have an effect. This is definitely a Black superhero. I have to say I really like this series and each issue draws me further into its world and timely story. It has my recommendation. I hope you’ll take a look.

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