Space Stars! A galaxy of heroes teamed together in an interstellar battle against evil! Blast off on adventures as big as the cosmos itself!Space Stars was a cartoon block that consisted of multiple series including an updated Space Ghost, an updated Herculoids, new series Teen Force, and Astro and the Space Mutts (the same dog character from the Jetsons). Moleculad was a member of group called Teen Force. In this series, they all existed in the same cartoon universe. One of the things that made this series great for me was that while each show had its own episodes, the characters would sometimes cross over and guest star in each others’ series like they were old friends.

Teen Force had three main members. Kid Comet, the apparent leader, could move a faster than the speed of light and even crash the time barrier but he had to turn into some kind of fiery comet to do so. Elektra had the trifecta of mental powers, telepathy, telekinesis, and teleportation. With her red hair, she was possibly a rip off of Jean Grey of the X-Men. Moleculad was sort of an energy plastic man. He would convert himself into energy and go through objects, squeeze through tight openings or tie up the bad guys with himself. He could also fly. The character and his powers had potential but he was poorly used and was little more than an electro-rope or net most of the time but he looked sparkly good doing it. All three could apparently talk and breathe in space. They rode their space motorcycles out of Black Hole X to chase down and subdue the evil Uglor. They had no secret identities and there was no reference to any name other than their code names.

The show aired from September 12, 1981 – September 11, 1982 on NBC. It lasted for one season. The complete Space Stars series is available on video and you can probably catch it on Boomerang. To have all the shows connected was ambitious for the time. Hanna Barbara was a powerhouse on Saturday morning cartoons. They have tons of Intellectual Property. I wouldn’t be surprised to see something like this show up again in another form. Check out the series intro below:

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