Monet St. Croix – The Black Mutant Supergirl

Monet Yvette Clarisse Maria Therese St. Croix or “M” as she is often called is a super powered mutant in the Marvel Comics universe has so many powers and such potential that her sheer arrogance is almost forgivable. She has super strength, speed, hearing, and the ability to fly. In addition to that she has the power of telepathy, is nigh-invulnerable, and even has a healing factor, oh and she’s really smart too.

Monet was born into a wealthy family. She is the oldest of a group of siblings that all seem to have a variety of powers. In fact, most of her story involves the trials and tribulations of her unique family dynamic. Her brother is a vampiric sorcerer and her younger twin siblings have demonstrated the power to merge into a single being that duplicated Monet mentally and physically. Monet had been magically transformed into a being called Penance by her brother and was replaced by the being her twin younger siblings became and all that drama brought her in the world of the X-Men. After working through all that, she eventually joined Generation X and later various other X-Groups before she ended up a member of X-Factor Investigations, a mutant detective agency where here multitude of abilities come in handy.

To say that Monet is an arrogant bitch might seem to hit the nail on the head and it’s not entirely unjustified. With her amazing assortment of powers and abilities, she is definitely more capable than most in addition to being drop dead gorgeous. She does sort of lord over everybody, so much so that I don’t like her much as a character. The thing is, she could an should be so much more. She’s like a Supergirl with a super brain and she never rises above arrogant teammate status. I blame the writers. This is yet another Black character with amazing possibilities that never seems to rise above a member of the “Gossip Girls” cast. Maybe some writer else will realize this and elevate the her to the level of her potential.Monet did make it to the small screen in the Generation X pilot/TV movie that aired on Fox. The movie was terrible, Monet’s part wasn’t very big though they did kind of nail her. I still have a gripe with the fact that Jubilee character wasn’t even cast as an Asian.

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