IQ of the Bionic Six

The Bionic Six was a 90′s animated cartoon about a family of adventurers that had been given technological enhancements in the form of bionics. Most of the family was white but there was one Asian kid (for the Bionic Kung Fu,) and one Black kid nicknamed IQ who were members via adoption. While this was an American show, it was animated in Japan and has the mark of the some of the Anime of the time.

IQ was obviously smart, hence the name, but he was apparently really smart, smarter than the anyone else on the team and he was stronger than everyone else too. Those skills were put to the test often on the show. The character never really did anything that spoke to his being Black but he was a full member of the team was definitely treated like one of the family. In fact, he was the only member of the team that had an actual code name instead of a number. They even made an action figure in his likeness.

IQ is J.D. Bennett. He is was an adopted member of the family/team. As a member of the bionic six he has enhanced strength. His strength is in fact greater than the other team members as is his superior intelligence, hence the name. He was also the only member of the team that has an actual code name instead of a number.

Bionic Six was a popular cartoon. It ran for two seasons, (64 episodes). It may have had its corny parts, especially the intro, but it was fun to watch and one of the few shows where you could find a Black Superhero doing his thing on a regular basis. Check out the corny intro below:

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