Still no Sun-Man

One of the most frequent requests I get since I started this blog is more information about Sun-Man. Where can I get these action figures? Do you have a source? You can’t even find them on e-bay. I should know as I have checked, myself. I’m not actually a collector but if I could find a source for this elusive action figure, you can bet I’d have one and would be more than willing to share it. Considering the company, Olmec Toys,  is long out of business and the character lacks even a wikipedia entry, I’m not sure where to look.

There is a lot of information out there about the history of the Sun-Man character and the fate of Olmec Toys. “When Yla Eason after hearing her son announce he could never be “He-Man” because “He-Man” was white realized that her son had no Black, super-hero toys to play with, she founded Olmec Toys” None of this has helped me locate any of the inventory but if you’re interested in the story, check out what appears to be the official website.

Here it says, “His magical melanin skin gave him unequaled, unlimited and special super strength. Sun-Man’s skin could not be cut, burned, bruised, broken, pierced, stabbed, ripped or removed. So Pig-Head the evil wart, was plotting to smoke-out Sun-Man. He wanted to see if he could weaken Sun-Man’s powerful skin through the smoke from the drugs Pig-Head had just cooked up. But Sun-Man flies free, protecting the right for the Galaxy-Trefixa to exist in peace. His rap is clear:” Pig-Head listen, you’re bad luck. You won’t win, so just give up. Sun-Man is on the scene to stay. My good powers shall rule all the way!” The battle has just Begun…

My main reason for writing about this is to reach out to the community to see if there is actually a source or even an individual or two who is willing to sell or put such items up for bid. Help a brother out. If you or someone you know has any such information, please post it here so that anyone interested can contact you. I did find a listing on an auction site but I don’t know if it’s current. Thanks in advance.

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