Who is Knight Seeker?

The more Black people I talk to in the Comic Book industry the more they tell me the same thing, “If you want to see more Black characters in comics, make your own.” That’s just what Eric Cooper did. He is the writer and creator of Knight Seeker. Much of the character’s civilian life is based on that of the writer and both are interesting. You may have seen him in costume at a local comic con promoting his character. He’s published a Graphic Novel (Knight Seeker) about the character already and hasn’t stopped there. A second novel has already been completed. A new comic is in the works and there will be an audio book and a short film as well. There are T-Shirts, a wall clock and possibly even a commemorative set of swords for sell on the site.

Who is Knight Seeker? Well according to the creator, “Knight Seeker is a human who has been given certain powers in a unique way that enable him to protect our world.” According to the site, here are the particulars about the character:
Knight Seeker: Superhero / Warrior Class
Name: Nygel Spinner
Age: 24 years old
Resides: Trenton, New Jersey U.S.A.
Occupation: Part Time College Student. Production Assistant for the Rapid Action News station.
Abilities: Super enhanced human capabilities. Advanced Technology.
Fighting Skills: Lethal
Weapons: Electron Shield, Spike Bones, Plasma Nets, Sonic Sword.
If you’d like to see Knight Seeker in action, look no further than YouTube. There you’ll find not only interviews with the creator and other people who’ve worked on the various projects but actual live action and animated trailers of the character doing his thing. Want to know more about Knight Seeker? You could always check out the official website but I think the best way is to hear it from the mouth of the creator.

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